Really, Really Right

Mike Williams

By Mike Williams

Most Tool and Die folks know about Wire EDM. But do you know when it is right for YOU?

  • Wire EDM is precise. When you need tolerance to be within 0.0001″, Wire EDM can get you there.
  • Wire EDM can create tight inside radius. When your part requires a feature that is simply too detailed for conventional lathe or mill machining, Wire EDM can deliver an inside radius of .005″.
  • Wire EDM can create an ultra-fine finish. When you need a finish that meets  32-surface-finishcriteria, Wire EDM can finish it.

When precision, tight inside radius, or ultra-fine finish is important for your conductive material part, Wire EDM might be your best solution. Unfortunately, we sometimes see drawings where the specified machining process cannot deliver the tolerance required and problems develop. Don’t get yourself in a tight spot. Talk to us when you are planning the part for recommendations.

One more thing you might not know about Wire EDM — Qualtek does it! If you work with Qualtek for Stamping, Tool & Die, Heat Treating, or Finishing, you may not realize Wire EDM is one of our specialties. Contact me for any questions you have on Wire EDM.

Collaborating for Efficiency

Mike Williams
By Mike Williams

As professional engineers, our clients design parts to function in a certain way or meet a specific need. In a typical development step, we receive final designs that include detailed specifications about how the part should be produced and request costs to deliver the product as stated.

While our client-partner engineers are experts in function, we work with manufacturing tools and metal materials every day. Our experts often see opportunities for efficiency or cost savings if the part were produced in a slightly different way than specified. As an example, the specifications may define multiple stamping and forming steps that we know can be accomplished by a different single process.

Let’s talk! Rather than going back to the drawing board to improve efficient production of a part, a better option is to talk to us very early in your design phase. Tell us what you are trying to achieve, why you need a certain material or how you want the part to function. You know your product requirements. We know metal manufacturing.

Bringing our expertise together at the beginning of your design process helps develop a part that is extremely efficient to produce. We are happy to share ideas but you always make the call. Together we meet the needs of your customers.

I Hope to Encourage More Women to Enter the Field of Manufacturing

My interest in manufacturing processes began at age 10 when I accompanied my father at the family printing business. During the past 25 years I have focused on shaping organizational structure and culture, and implementing process control as I worked through customer service, sales, quality control and operations management roles. I enjoy problem solving with clients facing metal manufacturing challenges while creating innovative solutions.