Metal Manufacturing 101

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See how in our production videos on our new  YouTube channel

Like taking a masters course, our new YouTube videos show you how we complete multiple manufacturing processes at one location. There’s no tuition but a great education in how we conduct Stamping, Heat Treatment, Metal Finishing and more!  Almost as good as a tour of our facility, you can meet our awesome team, and you can see and hear how we deliver highest quality metal manufacturing processes to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Check out some advanced classes:


Advanced Heat Treat Studies
We’ve expanded Qualtek’s heat treat methods to include vertical heat-treating in our controlled atmosphere pit furnace for large parts. Feel the burn in our Heat Treat video!



Metal Stamping and The Modern World
Servo press, high speed, deep draw, low to medium volume, compound progressive dies – these are just a few of the topics covered in our Metal Stamping video. See our presses in action!


Metal Finishing and Its Impact on Society
Anodizing, electro-polishing, powder-coating, passivation are among the many finishing topics we offer.  For extra credit, ask us about Willy’s special sauce!  Start here for the best finish!